Air Force Manual 23-110 USAF Supply Manual

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Air Force Manual 23-110 USAF Supply Manual Tags:
Process Area Supply
Distribution and Deployment
Supply Supply Planning, Supply Data Management and Exchange, Storage and Warehousing, Sourcing Acquisitioning and Requisitioning, Return/Retention and Disposal, Item Accountability and Control
Regulatory Entity Air Force
Type of Issuance Manuals
Material Type All Material Types
Position or Job Supply Officer, Property Book Officer
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Summary: This manual, which is distributed on a compact-disc-read only memory format, establishes a uniform system of stock control throughout the Air Force by prescribing standardized procedures for the requisition, purchase, receipt, storage, stock control, issue, shipment, disposition, identification, and accounting for equipment and supplies (classified and unclassified). It also provides a consolidated source for information concerning assigned stock record account numbers and assignment of item manager responsibilities, and establishes policy and procedures for all Air Force supply activities.

Related Terms: Stock control, standard supply procedures, stock record account numbers, item manager responsibilities, Standard Base Supply System, wartime planning, Standard Asset Tracking System

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